Can You Escape?

The escape room is a real-life team game with a story. You must solve a series of puzzles and tasks to escape from the room within the given time. On your journey, a set of surprises and twists is awaiting you.

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Save Brno!

action, adrenalin, logic
2 - 6
Brno, Špitálka 16

Scary and realistic escape room in which you are not only about to find the way out but also to save the whole city of Brno from its dark destiny!

Be the team of secret agents, prevent an attack to one of the Brno's iconic monuments and escape from the terrorists' den.

Save Brno!

Warmhill Chapelry

atmosphere, mystery, puzzles
2 - 6
Brno, Kopečná 19

There is the Warmhill legend about a young writer who hid in the abandoned building - the chapelry. Are you brave enough to disclose secrets of her work and what happened to her?

Collect all her missing notes and uncover what happened in the chapelry.

Warmhill Chapelry

Party In Brno!

fun, lifestyle, puzzles
3 - 6
Brno, Kozí 4

You just woke up in a strange room after a mega party... and you don't remember anything... nobody does. And one of your friends is missing.

Collect all missing pieces and uncover what happened the last night.

Party In Brno!

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How It Works?

You Are Locked In

Your team is locked in the escape room and must find the way out by solving puzzles and tasks.

The Clock Is Ticking…

You have to solve all puzzles and escape from the room before time runs out.

Feel The Atmosphere

Our escape rooms are built to create an authentic experience. Enjoy it fully!

Who can play?

  • Friends & Family
  • Teams & Co-Workers
  • Game Lovers
  • Tourists

Ready For The Escape?

Show what's inside you! Go through the labyrinth of puzzles and traps, and win the game.