Save Brno!

2 - 6

Escape from terrorist's den full of adrenaline

Scary and realistic escape room in which you are about to save the whole city of Brno from its dark destiny! Be the team of secret agents, prevent an attack to one of the Brno's iconic monuments and escape from the terrorists' den.


Agency: It's confirmed! They plan an attack in the city of Brno.
Detective: Bad news! When are they going to do it?

Agency: Very soon. Have you already infiltrated them?
Detective: Yeah. I know the place where they are hiding. They have all plans and equipment there.

Agency: Can you identify their target?
Detective: I doubt it; they don't trust me.

Agency: We are sending our agents. Can you guarantee them safety?
Detective: Negative. The place is full of traps, and they even use it as a torture chamber.

Agency: Okay, we will send our best agents.
Detective: I can get them inside, but they must be fast.
Detective: Otherwise, they will end up like the previous ones; months of detention, and we found only burned bones...



Where you can find us?

Křenová 89/19, budova č. 15, 1. patro; if you come before 6pm, it's possible to enter the building from Špitalka street

On weekends and after 6pm, it's necessary to enter the building through the Mosilana areal

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