Blue Comet

2 - 6

Mechanical game with focun on detail in mafia style.

An exciting game in mafia style, where you have to pay attention to every single detail. The Boss is a passionate collector of rare items. Your task is to find out which relic has enriched his illegal collection last time.

"I just wanted that thing! But how to get it? It was so well protected. But for a group of, you know, "smart" people, nothing is impossible and so we waited for it to be transported by the legendary Blue Comet train, yeah that famous train, to the west cost and got it! It was a very nice con action, you know me ;-)."

You have 60 minutes to find out what is the treachure hidden in the mob's flat and that was transported by the legendary Blue Comet train. Good Luck!



Where you can find us?

Křenová 89/19, budova č. 15, 1. patro; if you come before 6pm, it's possible to enter the building from Špitalka street

On weekends and after 6pm, it's necessary to enter the building through the Mosilana areal

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