Alcohol clinic Brno

3 - 6

All of us can end up there one day.

Some people were already there. Some of them will return again. Others are curious about what it looks like there? A game with an unexpected plot and an even more surprising unraveling. Enjoy the role of a patient at the Brno Anti-Alcohol Detention Center.


It was a very wild party in Brno. Sure, you have to come undone sometimes. But when it's over, you'll find your limits.

Mine limits have right now white color and they are in the shape of a bed, a table, a toilet in the corner of the room, and ugly bare walls that I stare blankly at. I do not want to be here. I have headache and my returning to reality is very slow. All of this only because of one little stupid megabeer and a bottle of absinthe.

Where's the doctor on the wheelchair with the look of a children's killer who locked me up last night and mumbled something about medical report? What about putting your feet on your shoulders and avoid to pay for this stupid night spent on a puked pillow - whoever did it!

You have 70 minutes to get out of here. If you don't do it, Dr. Miloš Bureš will definitely keep you here all day. Oh, and forget one thing to say: Personal belongings aren't aloowed on the patient's room.

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