Top Secret 2023

2 - 5

Family detective escape room about people, who poke their noses where they’re not supposed to.

It looks like a tough winter. Even a chilly spring. Energy prices are skyrocketing and all the wood from the surrounding woods is about to disappear. Gas boilers are only for show and heating with electricity is only for fools. Nevertheless, there is a rumor going around that someone in Brno found a solution! Who would believe it, since this sounds as believable as the construction of the new main train station. “Free energy” and “Save on heating” are just some of the ridiculous claims going around.


Your colleague, an investigative journalist, is the one who figured it out. He knows the whole truth. But… he disappeared. Are you even surprised? It seems he was in the way of someone's plans. Soon all his evidence might be gone from his office and with it the hope to crack the energy crisis. You have to work faster. Search through his office, where he hid all clues for the evidence only you can find.

You have 70 minutes to figure out what is the new energy source and where it's hidden! Give the people of Brno the warmer future they so desperately want. It's the right and only time to uncover the truth!

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